How to Write a Research Paper

In the current era, There's only one question on Researchers, Writers & Author's minds is "How to Write a Research Paper".
When you are going for higher education, research paper publication is an important process. A Research paper can be used to read the previous research, Identifying scientific, technical and social issues. If you are writing research paper first time it seems difficult, but with good journals, the process can get easier.

Research Paper writing involves four parts

A. Selecting A Topic.
B. Research on your Topic.
C. Making Draft
D. Final Writing.

Most Important thing which one has to keep in mind is to avoid plagiarism.

A. Selecting a Topic:

Try to choose a topic that you feel passionate about. If you work on your liking, you will achieve your goal. Selecting your topic is the first and most important step in your research paper writing. Pick something you like. Stay original always.

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