A Case Study on Heat Rate of Boiler and Turbine in NSPCL Durgapur

A Case Study on Heat Rate of Boiler and Turbine in NSPCL Durgapur

Abstract:-A power plant is used to generate and transmit electricity. There are various kinds of power plants depending on their input. NSPCL is a thermal power plant of Durgapur Steel plant situated in West Bengal. It is a joint venture of NTPC and SAIL, with a capacity of 120MW (2 units of 60MW capacity each.) The plant supplies its entire power to the Durgapur Steel Plant. Being a thermal power plant it uses coal as a major fuel. The heat rate of a power plant is the amount required to produce 1KWHr of power. This value indicates the efficiency of the power plant. It is done by controlling the fuel, in this case coal and the GCV of coal. The higher the heat rate of the power plant the less efficient it is.

Keywords: Thermal Power Plant, Heat Rate, Flue Gas, Load Factor, Fly Ash, NSPCL


Power Plant is a utility Unit which Generates Power and transmits the Power to another utility called Transmission Utility. Power Plant generates the Electric Power which is finally consumed either by Industrial Units or by Domestic/Government or other Units. The Power is generated in a Generator or Alternator which is driven by Turbines. The turbine may be driven by various inputs and the Power Plant is generally named as per the inputs used like thermal power plant use input as coal or oil, Gas power plant use input as Natural gas, Nuclear Power Plant use input as Uranium or thorium and so on. Some of these Power Plants like Solar Power Plant, Geo Thermal Power Plant, Wind Energy Power Plant and Hydro electric Power Plant are Power Plant with renewable resources. However except Hydro Electric Power Plants other Power Plants are very rarely available. As per the reports available Hydro Electric Power Plants constitute nearly 6.7 % of the Global Power Generation and 2.2 % of Power Generation globally is through renewable resources. However nearly 86 % of the world Power Generation is from fossil fuels or non renewable resources consisting of the following- Oil – 32.9 %, Coal – 30.1 % and Natural Gas 23.7 % Power plant runs on rankine cycle
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