“Corporate Social Responsibility of Indian IT Companies- A Study on CSR Activities of Select Companies”

“Corporate Social Responsibility of Indian IT Companies- A Study on CSR Activities of Select Companies” Corporate Social Responsibility

Abstract: Corporate Social Responsibility is the universal topic of these days as the exploiting Organizations have a consideration on the globe they use for their business. Companies in western countries do have procedural norms and policy frameworks to deal with the CSR activities, but in countries like India, though there is legal provision to perform CSR activities, many companies do violate and escalate their CSR expenditure. And hence an initiation is emphasized by the researcher to have an indepth study on the effectiveness of CSR activities by the eligible IT companies. Though CSR has been practiced in most of the Organizations, there is not much information on to what extent that is being carried out. Even though, clause 135 schedule VII of Company Bill 2013, makes the organizations that are registered under the companies law or any previous laws (Section 1) of (Section-135) having net worth of rupees 500 crore or more or Turnover of rupees 1000 Crs or more or Net profit of rupees 5 crore or more during any financial year to adopt the corporate social responsibility mandatorily and they have to at least spend 2% of its average net profit made during the three immediately preceding financial years on CSR still there is question of to what extent this has been implemented. This study is mainly focus on the actual theoretical framework of CSR activities happening in the select companies. This also would form the research base for the future research to study the wealth maximization of companies through their CSR activities. The study also works on understanding whether restructuring of corporate strategies happen as per the CSR efforts put up and the impact of CSR efforts and its relevance with competitive advantage of the organizations towards sustainability.

Key words: Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability, contribution, social and environmental concerns.


India, in the last five years, has seen decant and phenomenal growth in various businesses; thus, CSR has a long way to travel. The onset of globalization and liberalization of the Indian economy over that of the last two decades has resulted in the shift of the corporate goals from socio-economic focus towards increasing shareholders value to the welfare of various stakeholders. A detailed analysis of Indian CSR along with its relevance within the business arena leaves us with some important points to discuss.
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