Providing Banking Loan to Customers Based on J48 Classifier Algorithm Combined with Neural Networks

Providing Banking Loan to Customers Based on J48 Classifier Algorithm Combined with Neural  Networks

Abstract: Data mining is the transformation of large sizes of information into expressive patterns and rules. It is approximately describing the former and calculating the near future by means of information analysis. Data mining is really a multi-disciplinary area which combines, equipment understanding, data, database engineering and synthetic intelligence. The full total aim of the info exploration method is normally to extract information from the info set and convert it into a good understandable framework for more use. To predict bank failure events, apply the random forests method to the analysis of bank-level financial data in order to identify hidden patterns that can distinguish active and inactive banks. This paper mainly focuses on on to classify the customers as fake or fraud and non-fake or fraud. . By using J48 and Neural Networks to improve the accuracy rate further for detection of fraudulent customers.

Keywords — Data mining; Random Forest Classifier; Neural networks; J48.


Data Mining is probably the most pushing plus important region of research with the essence removing information and facts from considerable amount involving gathered information sets..The evolutionary path is witnessed inside the data source sector around the growth of the examples below benefits : information variety plus data source development, information supervision (including information storage space plus retrieval, plus data source contract processing), plus information research plus realizing (involving information warehousing plus information mining). Basically said, information exploration refers to removing or maybe \mining” find out corner from large amounts involving data. We’re obtaining a several information, from uncomplicated mathematical dimensions plus textual content docs, for you to more complicated information and facts like spatial information, multi-media channels, plus hypertext documents. Information Exploration, likewise commonly known as Information Discovery around Sources (KDD), refers back to the nontrivial extraction involving implicit, previously unfamiliar plus possibly beneficial information and facts from information around databases. When information exploration and knowledge discovery around listings (or KDD) are likely to be treated while word, information exploration is actually portion of the awareness discovery practice [2] Read More