The Role of Students in Free India

Role of Students in Free India: When a writer conceives a play or novel he creates a number of characters, but each one with a part to play, a role that is distinct from the others; a prince plays the part of a prince and a fool the part of a fool, though sometimes the prince may talk like a fool and the fool, like a prince yet their roles are different and distinct. Similarly, a clergy man may worry about the safety of his country; but his role is in the church in his parish, in his religious activities, while that of a solider is in his nation‟s protection though he may talk about the state of affairs of the church in his country. Just as a politician has no role to play in a school or college, unless he is invited to give a speech on some special occasion, a student too has no major role to play outside the field of his studies. Certainly he has every right to see, assess and understand what is happening around him.

The truth is however, different. The temples of education are now the centers of the hellish activities of various hues
and shades. It is true that the student community took an active part in the struggle for independence. But that was a
special situation demanding a special solution. Once that goal was achieved the whole perspective changed and the aim of the nation now is to put it on the road to progress and prosperity; to eradicate the ills that afflict the society but not to create centers, of troubles and turmoil‟s. And in this stupendous task of ushering in the new era of hope and happiness, everyone has a role to play the it an engineer or a doctor, a politician or a bureaucrat, teacher or a student , a distinct and clear cut role to play like a clog in a machine.

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