Characterization of a Hybrid Composite using EGlass, Jute with Coconut Shell Powder as Filler Material

Engineering, Hybrid Composite, Mechanical Engineering
Abstract— In this work an attempt has been made to develop hybrid composite with filler material like coconut ash powder for different weight ratios using hand layup technique. Different mechanical properties such as tensile, bending and hardness were studied by preparing the specimen according to ASTM standards. A comparative study of results for different weight ratio it was found that the tensile and bending strength was maximum for without filler material , but the Young’s modulus in tensile found to be maximum for 5% coconut ash powder. There was considerable enhancement in the hardness for 20% coconut ash powder. The tribological behaviour for the above said material has been assessed with a computerized pin disc wear machine by operating in dry condition with varying loads and const

Review: Generation of Biogas from Kitchen Waste, Bagasse and Garden Waste

Biogas Generation, Civil Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Review: Generation of Biogas from Kitchen Waste Bagasse and Garden Waste Abstract- In India, Large amount of kitchen waste, vegetable waste, bagasse, garden waste are obtained which is given in municipal solid waste which adds to management of waste. If it can be utilized for better purposes it can reduce load to municipal solid waste management. This waste being organic in nature can be used for biogas production. This paper reviews the utilization of organic waste available for anaerobic digestion of waste and thus utilization of waste to energy. Any matter which can be decomposable by the action of microorganisms in a short period of time is called biodegradable. Mostly food waste; vegetable waste, bagasse, Garden waste are biodegradable. These wastes are generally dumped in dumping si...

Review for MSWM in Indian Cities and Town

Civil Engineering, Engineering, olid waste management, Solid Waste Management
Abstract- Solid waste is defined as thing that cannot be further use for the purpose and discarded things from community. Generally MSWM include collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste. Urbanization and industrialization has created a great challenge for managing the solid waste because of change in quality and increasing in quantity of waste generation. This challenge make it more complex to manage municipal solid waste around the world. The developing country like India, MSWM is major issues. In last many years waste generation rate of India is increased. This generally happens due to rapid growth and change in life style. Themajor issues related to MSWM in India is that there is not 100% segregation at household level and 90% of solid waste is directly disposed to land. S

Precipitation Run off Simulation Study of Kharkai Basin

Engineering, Rainfall-Runoff Simulation, Water Engineering
Abstract: Hydrological modeling is a commonly used tool to estimate the basin’s hydrological response to precipitation. To compute runoff volume, peak runoff rate, base flow, loss rate, various hydrologic as well as hydrodynamic models are used. Rainfall runoff model is such a model which is used to simulate the rainfall- runoff process in a basin. This model is also very effectively used for flood forecasting and flood plain mapping, which is a natural demolishing phenomenon of high importance. Estimation of rainfall-runoff and flood is a difficult task due toinfluence of different factors. So far, different models have been proposed and used effectively to analyse such phenomena. In view of the above, the present study has been conducted in the basin of Kharkai River (Eastern India) in J

Usage of Interlinks in an Electrical Distribution System—–A Boon in Reducing Reactive Power Requirement at the Load Bus

Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electrical Distribution System, Engineering
Abstract:-It is observed that one of the reasons for voltage instability is voltage collapse. Generally, the concept of reactive power management is used to mitigate voltage collapse. But in this work, the following novel concept is used. The mathematical derivations begin from the usage of the conventional voltage collapse indicators(VCPI) Interlinks are used in the power system to distribute real powers locally (Inter bus power transfer) to mitigate voltage collapse. Optimal assignment of Distributed generation capacities are found out at different buses to mitigate voltage collapse. A mathematical model is derived and this model helps to design a valid algorithm to take care of voltage collapse problems. The Implementation of the algorithm is done through a MATLAB program which is shown...

Sweet-shop Management

Sweet-shop Management OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY Cake Walk sweets and savories Cake Walk is India‟s No. 1 confectionery and cake manufacturer with its products exported to over 20 countries around the world. They are dedicated to the art of producing innovative and delicious products for sweet lovers of all ages. Cake Walk‟s products offer tantalizing experiences that sparks the imagination in people who eat their candy. Of course, this has been Cake Walk‟s goal since their inception in 1947. Today, Cake Walk Candy continues to make some of the best candy in India. They also are a responsible business venture and contribute positively to the society with their “Learn to bake” initiative to encourage households to earn by starting their own small-scale businesses. Cake Walk products can be e

Offline Stereo Camera Calibration of Raspberry Pi Compute Module

Computer Science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineeering, Raspberry Pi
Abstract- Computer vision has become a very popular field due to its numerous applications. Stereo imaging, one of the areas of computer vision is frequently used in many applications like autonomous robots to calculate the free path, 3D reconstruction of environment, automatic cars, travel aid for visually impaired and many more. The major step in stereo imaging is establishing correspondence between multiple images. Errors within the camera and the method of arrangement of cameras can lead to wrong correspondence. Hence the depth information calculated will be incorrect. To increase the accuracy of depth matching in stereo imaging, we need to correct the camera imperfections. Stereo camera calibration is a method that can help predicting the internal and external parameters of the camera

Performance of LIC Housing Finance with Reference to Kalaburagi City

Housing Finance, Management
Abstract:-Housing problems India is very chronic, particularly among the low income and such other marginalized groups who are beyond the reach of the formal institutional agencies for housing finance. Housing Finance is a relatively new concept in India comparing to other financial services that are widely available in the country since a long year back. The Government has adopted many strategies and programmes; but it is not reached interior and most needy part of the country. Housing one of the durable goods producing both necessary luxury service to human and it is capital assets to its owners. It is one of the important economic activities and plays an important role of socio-psychological development of the individuals. Housing is one of the social services and it is a capital-intens...

Estimation of Impact Cost – A Study of NSE Emerge Platform

Management, Stock Market
Abstract: The trading activity and liquidity are important factors to achieve success of SMEs. VCs, Institutional Investors and high net worth investors’ participation will help in progress of exchanges. The retail participation is also play an important role in creation of liquidity in the market. The paper attempts understand the present liquidity position in the NSE merge platform and whether the impact cost is more when compared with NE main boards. Illiquid companies and platform will make the investors to lose the confidence. The study revealed that all the companies won’t trade on regular basis. Investors’ sentiments get affected due to this as they will not be able to sell or buy stocks immediately. The Average Impact Cost of NSE Emerge is 16.45%, which is very high and found to be

Structural Studies of ?????(1−?)?? Mixed Crystals

Applied Science, Crystal Structure, Physics
Abstract – Search of New NLO material is a fascinating field of research today. In this view, in the present study mixed crystals of ?????(?−?)?? for various values of x viz 0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 0.9 and 1 were grown by slow evaporation techniques. The density of the grown crystals were determined by floatation technique and composition was estimated from the measured density. The grown crystals were characterized by SXRD and PXRD. The lattice constants also been determined. The grown crystals are single crystals and they crystallize in to different structures like orthorhombic, tetragonal and hexagonal. Key words - ZMTS, Crystal growth, Density, Lattice parameter. I. INTRODUCTION Non-linear optical (NLO) materials have become a focus of current research in view of their potential