Self Compacting Concrete Reinforced with Sisal Fibres

Self Compacting Concrete Reinforced with SisalĀ Fibres

Abstract:- Concrete has high compressive strength, but is remarkably weak in tension (about one-tenth its compressive strength), and as such, is usually reinforced with materials that are strong in tension. In the presence of reinforcement, the tensile load is transferred to the reinforcing material. An alternative to increasing the load carrying capacity of concrete in tension is the addition of fibres. Well-dispersed fibres in the concrete act to bridge the cracks that develop in concrete. The incorporation of fibres in a cement matrix leads to an increase in the toughness and tensile strength, and an improvement in the cracking and deformation characteristics of the resultant concrete. Sisal fibre is derived from the leaves of the plant. It is usually obtained by machine decortications in which the leaf is crushed between rollers and then mechanically scraped. The present study was carried out to check the fresh and hardened properties of sisal fiber reinforced self -compacting concrete with different percentage of fiber addition. Degree of workability of concrete mix with 0.2% super plasticizer and water cement ratio 0.31 had good workability which is effective, was obtained. Materials were hand mixed with 0.5%, 1% ,1.5% and 2% addition of fiber in M40 mix design and casted in cubes and cylinders. The super plasticizers are used in different percentages like 0.15%0.2%,1%&2%. The obtained specimens were subjected to test the compressive and split tensile strength. And the compressive and split tensile strengths of the specimens were analyzed after 7days and 28days of curing.

Keywords: Self compacting Concrete, sisal fibres, Superplasticizer, fly Ash, Mix Design


Self- compacting concrete is a type of concrete, which is not a product of mixing substances having different properties but a combination of several mixes having the same flow characteristics. Usage of Self-Compacting Cements has increased tremendously in the past few years. SCC not only ensures a structure with robust characteristics but also helps in timely completion of building structures . Current Indian scenario in construction shows increased construction of large and complex structures, which often leads to difficult concreting conditions. SCC us the only solution for all such problems.
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