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The Segmentation Fusion Method On10 Multi-Sensors

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Abstract: The most significant problem may be undesirable effects for the spectral signatures of fused images as well as the benefits of using fused images mostly compared to their source images were acquired at the same time by one sensor. They may or may not be suitable for the fusion of other images. It becomes therefore increasingly important to investigate techniques that allow multi-sensor, multi-date image fusion to make final conclusions can be drawn on the most suitable method of fusion. So, In this study we present a new method Segmentation Fusion method (SF) for remotely sensed images is presented by considering the physical characteristics of sensors, which uses a feature level processing paradigm. In a particularly, attempts to test the proposed method performance on 10 multi-

Online Payment System using Steganography and Visual Cryptography

Computer Engineering, Engineering
Abstract - In recent time there is rapid growth in ECommerce market. Major concerns for customers in online shopping are debit card or credit card fraud and personal information security. Identity theft and phishing are common threats of online shopping. Phishing is a method of stealing personal confidential information such as username, passwords, credit card details from victims. It is a social engineering technique used to deceive users. In this paper new method is proposed that uses text based steganography and visual cryptography. It represents new approach which will provide limited information for fund transfer. This method secures the customer's data and increases customer's confidence and prevents identity theft. Keywords - Steganography,  Visual Cryptography,  Online shopping,